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    This forum is for Canadart members to share their care and husbandry tips and tricks! There are a few simple rules everyone will need to follow while both posting and reading care sheets:

    - Constructive discussion is fine, attacking someones opinion is not!
    - Do not plagiarize other care sheets
    - Be experienced with the species you are writing about
    - Include the length of time you've kept the respective species
    - Use titles and paragraphs to structure your post
    - Be open and ready for discussion regarding your methods
    - Details, details, details! Be specific.
    - Title your thread in this format - "erikm's imitator varadero care"

    If someone has already written a care sheet for the species you are wanting to write about, that is not a problem. We all have different methods and sharing them is what this forum is all about. Full editing permissions are enabled, so if you make a mistake, click the edit button.

    And.. GO!
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