65 Gal Vivarium w/Light Fixtures, Misters Etc

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    Vancouver, BC
    What: 65 Gallon Viv w/ Light Fixtures, Misters Etc
    Where: Vancouver, BC
    Price: $400 obo

    Been doing a little downsizing and need to make some room in the place. Got a 65 gallon viv that I don't need anymore so I thought I'd put it up here to see if anyone's interested.


    65 gallon horizontal tank (36"W x 18"D x 24"H)
    False bottom & GS background construction (see Contruction Journal here) - Yes...another new project! :)-) | Canadart
    Several pieces of rot & water resistant cypress driftwood

    Functioning self-contained naturalistic waterfall, riverbed & pond
    9 fully adjustable Mistking nozzles & appropriate fittings pre-installed - connects easily to existing misting system
    2 Current Nova Hi Output T5 dual light fixtures

    2 Xilence ultra low noise (under 14db) computer fans (for keeping the front pane clear)

    Current Frontal View Of Viv



    Waterfall Source


    Fully Planted (1 year ago) - Might give a little better perspective on the pond and riverbed



    This viv is currently uninhabited and is unplanted. The viv is basically complete and is ready for planting. This is a one of a kind setup. I'm asking for $400...shoot me a PM or call me at 604-512-7953 if you're interested! Local pick-up in Vancouver.


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